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Madison Bourbon

UC senior licensing associate paves way for invention success

Madison Bourbon is a senior licensing associate for the Technology Transfer team in the 1819 Innovation Hub and is pursuing her master’s in molecular genetics, biochemistry and microbiology.

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abstract brain

UC startup Neuro Sense Diagnostics gets investment to advance trials

A startup founded by four University of Cincinnati physicians has raised approximately $10 million in funding, including a recent $250,000 investment from St. Elizabeth Healthcare.

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PEP Buddy

UC researchers develop innovative breathing aid

One in 10 adults suffer from COPD. Research around a new breathing device developed at the University of Cincinnati offers promise for improving their lives.

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Dr. Wang in his lab

UC research could allow cells to repair themselves following a heart attack

When someone has a heart attack, cells in the heart die. Dr. Yigang Wang is leading development of a patch that could regenerate heart cells.

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