Companies that partner with the Cincinnati Innovation District have access to exclusive benefits focused on talent attraction and retention, B2B connections, and special amenities.

Residential Partnership

  • Residential Partnership co-locate in the CID. Besides a central and accessible location in Cincinnati’s vibrant Uptown neighborhood, residential partners enjoy dedicated account management to design custom programming and events that attract, develop, and retain talent plus University amenities like transportation shuttles, parking, and rec center access.


  • Proximity to other CID partners amplifies potential for collaboration. Needs-based programming and networking opportunities deliver unparalleled B2B connection with companies from start-up to Fortune 500.


  • Connect with student talent and research talent through innovation challenges, internship programs and co-op employment. Talent in the CID is tackling real business challenges.


  • Access to skill-building for all. The CID enables access to skilling initiatives, certifications and traditional higher ed programming. In addition, CID partners are engaged in upskilling and reskilling initiatives that mobilize members of the community to join the talent pool.
The innovation economy in Cincinnati has changed a lot in the last 10 years. Now that we have the Innovation Hub, this is the next big thing here in Cincinnati and it will put us on the map and on par with the folks throughout the Midwest. I think it's important for us to be there while it's happening and our city is thinking of diversity first.
Candice Matthews Brackeen Founder & Executive Director, Lightship Capital
We think we can lead here in the market, and the Cincinnati Innovation District empowers us to think this way --the access not only to student talent, but talent nationally through their "virtual innovation district" enables FIS to get these collaborations, connect with talent and move effectively -- the speed here is real. The Cincinnati Innovation District is an activator to drive real change.
Kelly Beatty Chief Transformation Officer, FIS
We're really trying to create an entrepreneurial class - individual people growing in this ecosystem and giving them opportunities they would have never had
Mike Venerable CEO, CincyTech
UC has set the gold standard for universities with the direct access to students --with the access provided and the bold conviction as displayed from the university President himself.
Anthony Salcito V.P. of World Education, Microsoft
Cincinnati can be known as the place for talent -- we have the access to show that not only does proximity deliver, but the purposeful/needs-based approach that the CID provides -- bar none, the best way to move at the pace of industry and harness the value of developing talent in partnership with a university.
Jude Schramm Chief Information Officer, Fifth Third Bank
It's an ecosystem both of innovation but for the community here. You create an exciting environment, you attract talent, growth development and economic growth. It's a self-fulfilling machine that continues to drive that growth.
Yael Cossett SVP/Chief Information Officer, Kroger

Corporate Partners

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