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UC Esports Lab, Broadcasting Studio signals to wider audience

The UC Esports Innovation Lab has unveiled its latest innovation: a fully equipped studio for broadcasting, podcasting and live streaming.

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Brad Walsh

P&G alum revs up gaming scene in UC Esports Lab

Former P&G technical director Brad Walsh is excited to be at the forefront of esports at UC, where 55% of students identify as gamers. 

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Fiona portrait

UC gamer powers up for the future

University of Cincinnati student Fiona Harrell-Duchaine, a fourth-year digital media collaborative major, aspires to a career in esports marketing or production.

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The rise of esports

Why UC esports Innovation Lab exists

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It’s game on for esports in Cincinnati

When the University of Cincinnati’s Esports Innovation Lab opens Aug. 18, it will be more than just a space for competitive online gaming.

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